Подрядчиков Сергей Федорович: Публикации

Тезисы докладов/сообщений конференций

  • Bulba, A.V. The Influence of Physical-Chemical Characteristics of Plasma-Forming Gas and Macroparticle Matter in Complex Plasma on Ordered Structure Self-Organization [Text] / A.V. Bulba, L.A. Luizova, S.F. Podryadchikov // 4th International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas (13-17 June 2005, Orlean, France): Book of abstracts. - Orlean, France, 2005. - P.II-12. (Scopus)
  • Bulba, A.V. Comparative characteristics of the ordered dusty structures in plasma with various physical conditions [Electronic resource] / A.V. Bulba, A.D. Hahaev, Luizova, S.F. Podryadchikov, A.I. Scherbina // 16th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry: Abstracts and full papers on CD (June 22-27, 2003, Taormina, Italy). - Taormina, Italy, 2003. - P.548. (Scopus)