The Descendant of Ludvig Nobel Visited PetrSU

14 June 2017
PetrSU hosted an open meeting “The Heritage of the Nobel Family in Russia”

PetrSU hosted an open meeting “The Heritage of the Nobel Family in Russia”

The special guest was Peter Nobel-Oleinikoff, the descendant of a noted businessman and humanitarian Ludvig Nobel, who at the end of the 19th century together with his brothers Alfred and Robert founded an oil company Branobel, which had quickly become one of the largest companies in Russia and Europe.

On behalf of the Rector of Petrozavodsk State University Anatoly Voronin the guests were welcomed by Marina Gvozdeva, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs:

“Recently Petrozavodsk University has become the Flagship University of the region. Now we have even more responsibility to the students and the citizens of Karelia. Not only we pursue science, research, and innovations, but we also consider the interests of the citizens of the Republic. Today at the premises of the university we have an amazing opportunity to meet remarkable people.”


Before the dialogue, the participants of the meeting were shown the documentary “Martha Nobel: Points on Map” to introduce the less known members of the family, who have also contributed to the development of science and society. After the film, everyone could ask Peter questions: whether his children and grandchildren professed an interest in restoring business in Russia, can mathematicians be nominated for the Nobel Prize, what Russian dished are served in his family etc.

At the meeting, Peter Nobel noted that the most notable discoveries and achievements were made by his family prior to 1917. He humbly kept his achievements to himself. Peter was the first Discrimination Ombudsman, the Secretary of the Swedish Red Cross, the expert for the elimination of racial discrimination of the UN Committee. Now Peter is in retirement. He spends all his free time with his family, or traveling with educational visits, one of which took place at Petrozavodsk State University.


Peter wished the students to be aware of the importance and necessity of education:

“I hope all students understand that you should study, think about the future and have the vision, as everyone has a chance for a scientific breakthrough.”

At the end of the meeting Peter Nobel-Oleinikoff said:

“I enjoy talking to students. I hope that these meetings help students realize the importance of education. These talks about the part, people, and their achievements influence the young generation. They see a great example and aspire to something greater.”

After the meeting with PetrSU students, Peter Nobel and his spouse visited the Museum of Creative Science of PetrSU.

The visit of Peter Nobel-Oleinikoff to Petrozavodsk was organized by the Traektoria Fund and Petrozavodsk State University jointly with the Ala-Kirjola Nobel Society and the Kizhi Open Air Museum.


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