The Humanities Innovation Park of PetrSU Welcomed Official Delegation from Finland

04 September 2019
Petrozavodsk State University hosted an official delegation of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland led by its head Sirkka Jakonen.

Petrozavodsk State University hosted an official delegation of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland led by its head Sirkka Jakonen.

The meeting featured two heads of the Finnish provinces: Risto Poutiainen (Northern Karelia) and Pentti Malinen (Kainuu), as well as directors and inspectors of departments and other officials.

The Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PetrSU Marina Gvozdeva introduced the guests to two strategic projects of the Flagship University Development Program: “Finno-Ugric World” and “Soft Security”. She highlighted the efficient cooperation with universities and organizations of Finland in preservation and study of the Finnish, Karelian and Veps languages, history and culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia and European North.

The Advisor to the Rector, academic director of the Institute of Northern European Studies Valery Shlyamin specifically noted the role of PetrSU as an active participant of the good neighborliness belt in the cross-border regions and presented five interdisciplinary cross-border oriented projects of the INES.

The Head of the Department of International Projects and Programs Galina Parikhina told about PetrSU involvement in the Karelia and Kolarctic CBC Programs together with partners from Finland. The ecological project on sewage treatment and the project on creation of local film industry stirred particular interest in guests as they are implemented in cooperation with the University, organizations, and enterprises of the Eastern Finland along with 10 more ENI projects.


Natalia Karakina, the Head of the Academic Mobility Department, talked about academic mobility of teachers and students within the FIRST program, summer and winter schools, and intensive courses of PetrSU that involve students from Finland.

To provide an example, Valeria Sirotinina, Associate Professor of the Department of Zootechnics, Fish Farming, Agronomy and Land Management, organizer of the Green Care school held in cooperation with Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) shared the best practices of using the Finnish technology of “green care” at farms in Karelia and encouraged the colleagues from the Eastern Finland to join the cooperation.

The guests greatly appreciated the presented practices of the university as the Flagship, while Mr. Risto Poutiainen, who is currently the chairman of the executive committee of the Euroregion Karelia thanked Petrozavodsk University for substantial contribution to the development of the good neighborliness bent and cross-border cooperation.

The parties agreed to continue the eventful intercultural international dialogue and cooperation and take an active part in the events to take place in 2020 in the framework of the 80-year anniversary of Petrozavodsk State University and the centenary of the Republic of Karelia, including those to be held in Finland.


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