Celebration of Choral Music

22 February 2019
Biennially the capital of Karelia becomes a true musical stronghold.

Biennially the capital of Karelia becomes a true musical stronghold.

The International Choral Festival of Georgy Teratsuyants held by Petrozavodsk State University has long become a good tradition and for choirs from Russia and abroad it is long-awaited holiday lavish with memorable performances.


2019 is the jubilee year for the Festival. It is held for the fifth time! Over 500 people take part in the event. These are 16 male, female, combined choirs and ensembles: Collegium Cantus Chamber Choir (Saint Petersburg), Ariel Female Vocal Ensemble (Ekaterinburg), Polyhymnia Youth Choir of Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Polaris Choir of Russian State Hydrometeorological University (Saint Petersburg), Kapel Youth Ensemble (Seliatino, Moscow Region), Harmonia Youth Chapel n.a. I.V.Rogacheva (Gatchina), Quartet + Vocal Ensemble (Petrozavodsk), Voci di ricci ensemble of soloists of the Ancient Music Theater of Moscow State University (Moscow), Chamber Choir of Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Tellervo Female Chamber Choir (Petrozavodsk), LETI Academic Choir of Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University  (Saint Petersburg), Octavus Acapella Group (Saint Petersburg), Male Choir of Karelia (Petrozavodsk), Gloria folk music ensemble of Karelian Educational Development Institute (Petrozavodsk), Car Jove Catala Youth Chamber Choir (Barcelona, Spain), C.H.O.I.R. Combined Chamber Choir of the Festival (Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain).


The Rector of Petrozavodsk State University, the Flagship University of Karelia, Anatoly Voronin congratulated the participants and guests of the Festival on its beginning. “It is a great honor for us to host for the fifth time such respectable ensembles from different corners of Russia and the world. Georgy Teratsuyants was a paragon of dedication to choir music. He has left a large footprint on the history of choir music in Northwestern Russia and the lives of thousands of people. When he, a brilliant musician, passed away we thought about a way to honor and preserve his memory. We have decided that the best way to honor his legacy would to a festival. This grand event fostered communities of choirs,” noted the Rector.

Anatoly Voronin shared his memory of Georgy Teratsuyants and told about his love to vacations at the Shotozero sports camp of PetrSU: “Georgy Ervandovich always said that he recharged there, that the power of nature helped him create new programs. It is symbolic that one of the shifts of the camp now belongs to the Academic Choir, the participants of which take a cue from their Mentor and gain inspiration.”


On behalf of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Karelia the participants were welcomed by Natalia Volkova, the Deputy Minister: “It is essential that the work of such an eminent man, teacher, and enthusiast as Georgy Teratsuyants is continued. The choir movement in the Republic lives and prospers. I wish the participants eventful and memorable days, and wish the Festival to carry on and develop over the years!”


The program of the Festival features four concerts on various venues of the city (K.E. Rautio Musical College, Lutheran Church, the Petrozavodsk Glazunov State Conservatory), as well as a flash-mob at the Maksi shopping mall.

The festival will award special prizes for the best performance of a work created by a composer from a Nordic country (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) or the Republic of Karelia and for the best performance of a work created by a composer representing one of the participating regions. The performances will be assessed by a creative committee: Boris Abalian, Russian choir conductor, Professor, Merited Worker of Culture of Russia, Merited Artist of Russia; Christoph Schonherr, Professor of Berlin Academy of Arts; Klaus Brecht, Associate Professor of Landesmusikakademie of Baden-Württemberg, Professor, conductor, organizer of the C.H.O.I.R. International Youth Choir Festival in Ochsenhausen (Germany); Evgeny Guriev, Merited Artist of Russia, the Head of the Department of Choir Conducting of the Petrozavodsk Glazunov State Conservatory.


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