PetrSU Opened the 38th International Winter Collegiate Programming Camp

03 February 2020
The camp convened 47 teams from 33 universities, 25 cities, and 11 countries.

The camp convened 47 teams from 33 universities, 25 cities, and 11 countries.

The programming camps held at Petrozavodsk State University are considered one of the most prestigious events that help train for the ACM ICPC World Finals.

The Head of the Programmers’ Club Professor Vladimir Kuznetsov wished the participants luck and said:

“PetrSU programming camps have started more than 20 years ago and continue to this day. It can be said that the World Finals start here, in PetrSU rooms where participants solve and analyze problems. Solving programming contests under the guidance of experienced coaches helps master the skills of the participants and unites people by providing the chance to meet each other and make friends.”

Twice a year more than 150 young programmers from different countries come to PetrSU to hone their skills. This time the event features 47 teams from 33 universities, 25 cities, 11 countries (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, the Republic of Korea, etc.).

This year the camp welcomes students from the University of Central Florida (USA).

Participants Vlad Milshin (SPbSU) and Mikhail Anoprenko (HSE, Moscow):

“This is our second time at the camp. PetrSU camps are popular among students. They have been organized for many years and all top teams and coaches come here. Problems are always challenging and while it takes us a lot of time to solve them we do not get tired.”

Captain of the team from Kharkiv National University Matvey Aslandukov:

“This is our fifth camp. We came for the first time in 2017 to take part in the winter camp. Since then we have participated in all summer camps and now have come to the winter event. We really like the atmosphere of PetrSU camps. The camps always feature very strong teams so it is always interesting to compete with the leading teams from all over the world. At each camp, we discover new things and this knowledge inspires us to come here again and again.”

The participants from the team of Belorussian State University said that some of them have been to PetrSU camps 3 times already, while several team members have come 7-8 times:

“PetrSU offers difficult but interesting problems written specifically for these camps. These are one of the best camps. No other event offers such high level of training.”

The program of the winter camp includes 5-hour contests, problem analysis, cultural and sports events. Contests (problems) are of various types and difficulty levels and are written by the winners and prize-winners of the World Finals.

The contests have two rounds following the regulations of the ACM ICPC World Finals. There are an absolute winner and prize-winning teams. The winner is the team that in the given time solves the most problems and has the least penalty time. If several teams solve the same number of problems, the winner is the team that was the first to submit the last problem.

The winning team is awarded the cup with the engraving “To the absolute winner of the Head of the Republic of Karelia Programming Cup 2020”; participants and coaches of the prize-winning teams will receive diplomas and gifts. The awards are provided with the financial support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia, as well as the long-term sponsor of the camps Yandex Company.

The Head of the Republic of Karelia Cup has become a kind of “primaries” of the World Finals: starting from 2004 the winners of the Cup have become the winners of the World Finals 10 times.

Without a doubt, the Head of the Republic of Karelia Programming Cup is of the brands of Karelia that pegs the Republic as the leading region of the Russian Federation in the area of the development of modern information technologies and support of gifted youth.

The award ceremony of the Head of the Republic of Karelia Cup and closing ceremony will take place on February 7.

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