Theatre BEST is a Participant of Creative Culture Climate Change Project Pitching

18 March 2021
In February and March, 3 stages of Culture Climate Change pitching took place in the framework of the CULTA project

In February and March, 3 stages of Culture Climate Change pitching took place in the framework of the CULTA project. 

The main idea of ​​the competition is to propose a project that could unite people after the pandemic and support the application of the city of Oulu for the status of the European Capital of Culture 2026. The winner will be awarded a 2026 euros grant for implementation. 

The participants told about the stages of the project: 

"In the first stage, we had to submit a written application proposing the idea of ​​an immersive "Kalevala" theatre in the framework of the T-ART festival, it was successfully passed. In the second stage, we had to present a video about our idea within strict time-limits (1 minute), and we reached the final! In the third stage, it was necessary to make another video (up to 3 minutes) about the project". 

Alexandra Buryanina, student of the Institute of Foreign Languages: 

"Engaging in activity that you love (T-ART festival), nourishing an idea of its implementation and grabbing any opportunity to make it alive - this is how you can describe the work of BEST in addition to conducting trainings and preparing performances. I would really like the festival of amateur theatres "T-ART 6" to take place, so I was delighted and passionate about an opportunity offered by our head Nadezhda Shablikova to participate in the international project pitching. During the month of the competition, we recorded two videos, each of which I wish to review, they are like a work of art". 

Nadezhda Shablikova, Associate Professor of the Department of English Language of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Head of the Big Student Experimental Theatre (BEST): 

"Our theatre is 18 years old, participation in such a fascinating international project is a new growth point for us. We became one of eight finalists from Russia and Finland, I think this is a good outcome especially within the prevailing working circumstances (the theatre has been conducting classes via ZOOM since March last year). We intend to hold the T-ART-6 festival at the end of November 2021 and really hope to manage. I would like to thank Denis Pyzhikov, the Head of the Department of Development (Karelian Regional Institute of Continuing Professional Education), for the opportunity to participate in pitching, and Evgeny Mudretsov, the leading camera operator of the PetrSU Media Center, for creating the videos, and all the students who took part in the video".


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