Shotozero Health Camp

Shotozero Health Camp was created to facilitate outdoor activities, health promotion, improvement of sports skills of the students and employees of PetrSU. It is designed to host sports, cultural events, workshops, various thematic schools, and serve as a place for practical training of the students. The Camp has essential service buildings and amenities, cultural and training sports facilities. The camp is provided with gear, sports equipment, and supplies.

The Health Camp is located in the Pryazha district on the shores of the Shotozero Lake. It works in summer and can receive 60-70 people per shift. The unique feature of the place is the healing air filled with flavor of the pine wood.

Every day various events are held at the Camp. The campers do morning exercises; take part in water competitions,   go on treks and boat trips to the Love Island, the Gull Islands, Golden Beach, as well as go rafting on the Nizhnyaya Salma River. They also meet new interesting people and play games.

Last updated: 06.03.2019