PetrSU Rector’s Congratulations on the Day of the Republic of Karelia

08 June 2017
Dear teachers, employees, students, postgraduates, alumni! I congratulate you on the Day of the Republic!

Dear teachers, employees, students, postgraduates, alumni! I congratulate you on the Day of the Republic!

Every year, on June 8 we celebrate the establishment of the Republic of Karelia. This holiday unites everyone who cares and loves our very own Karelian land, everyone who was born, grew up, lives and works here.

The main treasure of the Republic of Karelia is talented, hardworking, hospitable and tolerant people. I think that drawing upon the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage today’s students of Petrozavodsk State University and its graduates will preserve and enrich the glorified traditions of their predecessors, and contribute to the development of the land so that our Republic will be flourishing and magnificent, while its people live in dignity and happiness.

Among the graduates of our university are celebrated writers, sportsmen, military officers, political figures. You are to continue their traditions, create your own history so that the future generations will be proud of your achievements and victories. Remember that the achievements of the region are a combination of the successes of its people. And the more they achieve through their labor, talents, knowledge and aspirations, the brighter, more engaging and richer is the life of the community in general, and our Republic develops and flourishes.

I can say that Petrozavodsk State University does not rest on the laurels. We set ambitious goals. This year Petrozavodsk University received the status of the Flagship University of the region. The university development strategy focuses on the interaction with the leading enterprises and organizations of the region, creation and development of innovative infrastructure, a territory of forward-looking social and economic development, industrial parks. There are important things to do, ambitious plans to realize so that the Republic becomes a strong and happy region. Now the most anticipated event is the 100-year anniversary of the establishment of our Republic in 2020. I am sure that this occasion will be the stimulus for achieving new results for all residents of Karelia.   

I wholeheartedly wish everyone health, peace, happiness, wellbeing, success at work.

I congratulate all on the Day of the Republic of Karelia! 

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