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18 October 2021
PetrSU Scientific library conducted a presentation of "Transformation and Integration: Karelian Periphery in the Russian Empire" monograph.

PetrSU Scientific library conducted a presentation of "Transformation and Integration: Karelian Periphery in the Russian Empire" monograph.

Irina Suvorova, the Director of the Humanitarian Innovation Park, Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, opened the event:

This monograph has a great scientific importance, and a third of its authors are employees of the PetrSU Humanitarian Innovation Park. The presentation of such a scientific edition is always about awareness of the enormous work that the authors have done over a long period of time. I'm sure that the reflection over this text will be constructive and positive; it will shine a bright light on the readers' hearts. And what is most important, it will charge them with enthusiasm.

Marina Gvozdeva, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs:

When I first saw the book, I was so much impressed by its title as it sounds very contemporary; it also reflects the priorities that we, organizations of higher education, face today - Transformation and Integration. Of course, it is a great pleasure to hold such a volume in your hands: it is both the graphic art and the language. I found a very important professional aspect about foreign inhabitants in Russia, in Karelia.

The book covers the processes that took place centuries ago, and today we are going through exactly the same procedures: we attract foreign teachers and students and organize project cooperation. Karelia is becoming a vanguard of our country, it always stands on the frontier of interaction with our foreign partners. In this regard, I think everyone should learn what happened in the past and take the best experience from there. Of course, I congratulate both the authors on the successful completion of this project, and all readers on the upcoming pleasure of new historical understandings and artistic choices for this magnificent book.

Irina Chernyakova, the Head of the Research Laboratory for Local and Microhistory of Karelia (ILLMiK):

I'm happy to see students, friends and colleagues here. I hope that every participant will have a desire to read the book, because we, the group of author, have put our hearts into it. All authors are soulmates for each other. We have our students among us - once they were aspiring historians who voluntarily joined the ILLMiK project activities and now they have become professional researchers working on their own thesis with great enthusiasm. 

For reference:

Nauka released a collective monograph “Transformation and Integration: Karelian Periphery in the Russian Empire”.

The book is published under the general editorship of Irina Chernyakova, the head of the Research Laboratory for Local and Microhistory of Karelia (ILLMiK). The science editors are Irina Chernyakova (Petrozavodsk), Tatiana Leonteva (Tver), Jukka Korpela (Joensuu). The monograph is the product of the four-year scientific project «The Integration of the Karelian Periphery in European Society. No 14997» of the Academy of Finland.

This is another result of long-term collaboration among PetrSU (Russia), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Tver State University (Russia), and Saint Petersburg Institute of History (Russia) within the Teaching-Editing-Research Project (TERP).

The authors headed by Honorary Doctor of PetrSU Jukka Korpela and Associate Professor of PetrSU Irina Chernyakova united the representatives of three universities from historically formed “Karelias” in Finland and Russia: the Northern part (UEF − Jukka Korpela, Irena Karvonen, Kati Parppei), the Olonets part (PetrSU: Irina Chernyakova, Oleg Chernyakov, Evgeniya Suslova) and the Tver part (TverSU – Tatiana Leonteva, A. V. Osipova). The fourth partner of the TERP is represented by a senior scientist of Saint Petersburg Institute of History Maria Proskuryakova (PetrSU graduate who defended her Ph.D. thesis while working as an ILLMiK specialist).

Ludwig Steindorff, a famous German historian, provided a comprehensive review of the book during the editing stage. 

The executive management of the Nauka Publishing House, represented by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Aleksey Karachinsky, who supervised the publishing process, entrusted the book’s production to the employees of PetrSU Publishing House Oleg Chernyakov (Art director and Book artist) and Olga Obarchuk (Managing editor).

The book is printed on chalk paper; it consists of 488 pages with illustrations, maps, and tables. The list of sources and literature contains more than 600 items. 


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