No Limits in Poetry!

12 November 2021
The poetry evening was dedicated to famous Finnish and Karelian poetry writers.

The poetry evening was dedicated to famous Finnish and Karelian poetry writers.

The 2nd and 4th year students of the Department of Baltic and Finnish Philology recited the poems by Edith Södergran, Pentti Saarikoski, Kirsi Kunnas and Nikolai Laine, while the 2nd year students of Saint Petersburg State University alongside with students and teachers from Kulosaari Secondary School in Helsinki recited the works of Eino Leino, Aunimarjut Kari and Uuno Kailas.

Svetlana Korobeinikova (PetrSU), Veronika Suskina (PetrSU), Pavel Barabanov (SPBU) and Heidi Temmes (Kulosaari Secondary School) took the role of the evening’s hosts.


Svetlana Zakorina, a Finnish language teacher of SPBU, noted:

Трепетно, очень душевно, камерно... Ребята выбирали стихи сами, очень волновались, ждали этой встречи.

“Reverently, very sincerely, chamber-like ... The students had chosen the poems themselves and were very nervous, anticipating this evening.”

Indeed, such wonderful, sensual and philosophical works of Finnish and Karelian poets, funny and magical children’s poems made the participants stop and look around and inside themselves just in the middle of their hectic daily life…

Participants’ feedback proved the importance of the new experience that students had acquired; it also revealed the idea that the meeting in such an unusual format opens up an opportunity for professional communication, acquaintance with the Finnish-language literature both in Finland and Karelia.

During the rehearsal with Svetlana Korobeinikova and Anna Karhu, a Finland’s teacher who currently works at PetrSU, the students were introduced to some new authors that were earlier unfamiliar to them; they also had a little practice in pronunciation and scenic speech.

Finland’s teacher Heidi Temmes recited a poem by Aale Tynni, whose works also appealed to Pavel Barabanov, a student from SPbSU. Tynni’s poems became a choice of two participants of the poetry evening, as well as Leino’s poems that were recited by Saint Petersburg and Helsinki’s students.

The participants hope that this first yet successful experience will be continued. And not only in the online format: hopefully, it will be possible to communicate in person, in Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk.

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