International Success of the Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University

18 March 2019
The Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University scientific journal was included in the ERIH PLUS (European reference index for the humanities and social sciences).

The Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University scientific journal was included in the ERIH PLUS (European reference index for the humanities and social sciences).

The ERIH PLUS was created and developed by the Standing Committee for the Humanities (SCH) of the European Science Foundation. The ERIH lists that originally included only works on humanities, were first published by the ESF in 2008. In 2014 the rights to maintain and operate the ERIH were transferred to the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD). Since July 9, 2014, the ERIH PLUS is open to receive submissions for the inclusion of new journals. In order to be included in the ERUH PLUS, scientific journals on humanities and social sciences should meet the benchmark requirements.

“Undoubtedly we are happy that we managed to meet the standards and enter the only and most influential international database of humanities journals. The case is that the world scientific community encourages journals focused on one area, while the Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University covers three areas: history, literature studies, linguistics. While staying true to the historical name of the journal (in 1947 it was called the Proceedings of Karelian-Finnish State University) we succeeded in proving our openness to Russian and foreign researchers,” noted Vladimir Siunev, the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research.

The inclusion in the ERIH PLUS is an achievement of the authors, chief editor and his deputies, members of editorial board and staff, reviewers who are scrupulous about assessing manuscripts, as well as the entire team working on the journal.

“Over the last years since the continuation of the journal (since 2008) we have not received any serious remarks on editing and proofreading, as well as page layout of the published texts, and this is an undisputed achievement of the literary editor of the journal Svetlana Smirnova, proofreader Irina Diachkova and art directors S. Ivanova and Yulia Markova. I would like to honor our English language translators Natalia Dmitrieva and Anastasia Ananina whose diligent work has been highly appreciated by European scientists who know the journal only by English metadata. The site of the journal is rightfully acclaimed too, which was created and is supported by our colleagues from the Regional Center for New Information Technologies: Igor Lezhnev, Aleksey Marakhtanov, and Evgeny Golubev. We have never disrupted the issuing schedule and this fact stands proof for the work of everyone involved in the publication of the journal, including the employees of PetrSU Publishing House. A member of the editorial board of the journal Aleksandr Krivonozhenko has made an immense contribution to the inclusion in the ERIH PLUS,” said Nadezhda Rovenko, the Head of the Department of United Editorial Office of Scientific Journals of PetrSU.

The joint work has produced results. We have received a long-awaited letter from the team of the ERIH PLUS: “The processing of the journal “Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University” has been finalized. The journal has been approved for inclusion in ERIH PLUS”.

Information about the journal can be found at the following link.

We congratulate everyone on the latest achievement and look to fruitful cooperation with scientists of our university and other universities and research centers in Russia, as well as foreign countries.

 Department of Joint Editorial Team of PetrSU Scientific Journals

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