Conference “Digital Technologies in Education, Science, Society” in PetrSU

23 September 2019
This is the 13th Russian research and practice conference dedicated to the introduction and use of modern digital technologies in education, science, society.

This is the 13th Russian research and practice conference dedicated to the introduction and use of modern digital technologies in education, science, society.


The conference discusses the development of digital research and education environment, electronic services and resources in university management, high-technology knowledge- intensive services for people, role of a flagship university in the development of a region, as well as cooperation between IT-companies and educational institutions.

“Petrozavodsk State University is the leader in digital systems not only in the Northwest but in Russia in general. Petrozavodsk University offers electronic services and resources to people and trains personnel for digital economy. In my report I tell about the development of the information system of PetrSU as a system that supports digital transformation of a university in the present context,” said Aleksey Marakhtanov, the Deputy Director of the Regional Center for New Information Technologies (RCNIT) of PetrSU.


Sergey Kiprushkin, the Deputy Director of the RCNIT of PetrSU:

“This year is the first time we hold the conference in cooperation with the Institute of Physics and Technologies, as modern science is progressively integrated into all subject areas, research. Everything is tightly bound to information technologies. Digital technologies are integrated into the digital economy, all areas of life: scientific, cultural, educational. Digital technologies are in active use and benefit people and enterprises.”

The conference convened representatives of Petrozavodsk, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Orenburg, and New York.


Mikhail Ivanov, the Deputy Vice-Rector for Digitalization of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation:

“I will talk about how we analyze students’ involvement in the studying process using neural networks. This is the 13th conference. I take part in all conferences as it is very insightful. We share experience, tell about our achievements. Each time we learn something new and keep abreast of the changes and developments.”

Irina Popova, Director of the Center for Development of Business Logic of Saint Petersburg Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.    


“I have great respect for Petrozavodsk State University. I have worked here for 25 years since 1985. I keep in touch with many colleagues and friends at the university. During this time many IT-technologies have succeeded each other. It is amazing that such quick changes happen in all areas and one should be able to adapt to them. I think that ITMO University is fully successful in that respect, which is evidenced by the international rankings. One of the keys to success is the rapid development of the digital environment of our universities.”


Marina Otlivanchik, the Director of the Scientific Library of PetrSU, believes that in 13 years the conference has gained the status of an established platform for discussion of the development of IT-technologies in education, science, society.

“I have participated in the conference for several years and each time I note the interesting program and high level of all reports on relevant areas of development of IT-technologies. I thank the organizers of the event: employees of the RCNIT of PetrSU led by the Director Olga Nasadkina. This year I took particular interest in the reports of Mikhail Ivanov (the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) on digitalization of the study process and promotion of the best online courses of the Financial University, of Irina Popova on the changes to the structure of ITMO University and the establishment of Electronic Student Office, as well as the report of John Impagliazzo, Professor Emeritus of Hofstra University (New York) on competencies of information technologies.

Yury Gorvits (Center for Modern Education, Moscow) delivered another informative report on the activities of the international research and creativity camp YUNIOR and the multimedia interactive books created by children.

The doubtless significance of IT technologies at PetrSU was showcased in the reports of teachers of our university: Natalia Ershova on team project activities of first-year students that bolsters motivation in students and the report of Aleksey Marakhtanov and Olga Nasadkina on the transformation of the IIAS architecture – the centerpiece of the information environment of the university. The Scientific Library of our university works in automated integrated library system Foliant (developer Dmitry Guriev, RCNIT) that draws on the data from the IIAS of PetrSU, which considerably facilitates the service quality,” shared her opinion Marina Otlivanchik.

The reports by the participants of the 13th conference are available at the Scientific Library of PetrSU.


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