Linguistic Center of PetrSU Hosted Schoolchildren from Shanghai

26 September 2019
This is the second visit of Chinese schoolchildren to PetrSU.

This is the second visit of Chinese schoolchildren to PetrSU.

This time the prospective students of PetrSU were accompanied by their parents and teachers.

The guests from Shanghai learned about the institutes of PetrSU, studying at the university, visited the Scientific Library and the IT-Park of PetrSU.

The employees have arranged an eventful cultural and orientation program for the guests.

“They strolled along the central streets of our city, the embankment, visited the exhibition “Empress Maria Fyodorovna. Artist and Collector”. The guests took a tour to the Kizhi Open Air Museum, where they appreciated the church domes, icons, houses. They watched an artist carve elaborate wooden toys, played whistles, the sounds of which remind nightingale songs. The Chinese schoolchildren and their parents enjoyed our Northern city and took interest in the opportunities offered at Petrozavodsk State University. We wish them successful graduation from school and hope to see them soon at PetrSU!” said Liudmila Kulikovskya, the Director of the Linguistic Center of PetrSU.


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