“Germany – the Land of Inventors”

13 November 2019
“Travel and Study: Creating the Future with Alexander von Humboldt” is the motto of the 2019 Russian Marathon for the German language learners.

The 1st year students of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism under the guidance of the senior teacher Olga Nikolaeva have attended one of the events of the marathon, the exhibition of posters “Germany – the Land of Inventors” (Erfinderland Deutschland).

Soon the 1st year students will have to decide what second foreign language they would like to study at the university, so they took this opportunity to attend the event that is designed to encourage people to study the German language and culture, as well as promote the history of natural and geographical discoveries made by German and Russian researchers.

The exhibition consists of seven topical sections: Communication, Computer Science, Optics, Energy, Medicine, Materials, Mobility, and tells about German discoveries in science and technologies. The students participated in engaging interactive tasks on different knowledge areas, learned about Germany as the land of researchers and the numerous opportunities it provides for study, work, and life.

Moreover, the students took part in a quiz about German scientists and their discoveries and won prizes.

Here is what one of the participants of the event has to say about it:

“I really enjoyed the presentation during the tour as we were not just given information but could take part in interactive tasks so I memorized most of what I learned. Previously I haven’t considered studying German as the second foreign language but now I will look into the possibility.”

The participants of the event expressed their gratitude to the Associate Professor of the Department of the German and French Languages Elena Vorotilina and the 3rd year students of the Institute of Foreign Languages for their invaluable help in the organization of the event and look forward to turning this cooperation into a tradition that would encourage students to broaden their language horizons.


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