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20 December 2019
The Institute of Foreign Languages hosted a lecture by Fulbright scholar Dan Szetela

The Institute of Foreign Languages hosted a lecture by Fulbright scholar Dan Szetela

The meeting focused on higher education in the USA. The topic was chosen as the course “Practice of Spoken and Written Speech of the First Foreign Language” (teacher Svetlana Guseva) includes studying the particularities of the system of higher education in the Russian Federation and the country of the studied language. Dan Szetela is now working at the Institute of Economics and Law of Petrozavodsk State University.

He provided details about the system of university education, different types of universities and colleges, academic mobility, student life. He shared his experience of studying at Macalester College (Minnesota, the USA), participating in various student clubs, talked about the organization of the educational process. Another issue broached at the meeting was academic integrity, plagiarism, copying off at tests or exams, which stirred lively discussion.

Dan Szetela told about studying at American universities and highlighted that students should fully comply with the standard and curriculum for their major, so the choice of courses is quite limited, as all of them should correspond to the major and not personal interests of students.

Evgeniya Soldak:

“The lecture by American Professor Dan Szetela seamlessly fitted our curriculum in the English language. We discussed the similarities and differences in Russian and American educational systems, learned about a personal experience of studying at an American college, and thus gained an invaluable insight into the matter.”      

Turkan Gumbatova:

“We were happy that Dan shared his experience of student life in the USA (as it turned out some stereotypes are pretty accurate). It was fascinating to learn more about student life not only from movies and books.”

Svetlana Goseva:

“These meetings undoubtedly provide more opportunities for language and social and cultural practice. They are a great addition to the materials and discussion topics included in the curriculum.”

Dan Szetela:

“The time flew by, I enjoyed the meeting. I was happy to share my knowledge of the system of higher education and tell about studying in the USA, as well as learn something about the system of higher education in Russia. The students impressed me with the high level of proficiency in the language and this allowed us to discuss a relatively complex topic.”

The meeting was organized at the initiative of the 4th year students of the program “Teacher Education”, specialization “English Language and German Language” of the Institute of Foreign Languages.


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