Letter of Gratitude to PetrSU

29 April 2020
From September 2016 French citizen Alwin Dumont has worked at the Institute of Foreign Languages.

From September 2016 French citizen Alwin Dumont has worked at the Institute of Foreign Languages.

At the end of March because of the coronavirus pandemic, he had to return to France. Alwin hast sent us a letter of gratitude for the memorable experience of working at PetrSU.

Alwin Dumont has taught French to the 2nd – 5th-year students of the Institute of Foreign Languages, for whom it has been a unique opportunity to learn European teaching methods and communicate with a native language speaker, who had spoken only a few words in Russian upon his arrival.

This cooperation has been made possible under the Agreement signed between PetrSU and the University of Lorraine (Nancy, France).

Alongside his work at the Institute, Alwin has diligently studied the Russian language and taken classes organized for foreigners by the Institute of Philology. Therefore, Alwin has written his letter of gratitude in Russian.

“Hello, everyone. First of all, I hope that everything is going well for you. I write to you to apologize for leaving Russia so hastily without a chance to say goodbye. 

I wish to thank you all, teachers, students, administration, and concierges, for the warm and friendly welcome and for making my stay in Petrozavodsk pleasant and enjoyable. Indeed it has been a memorable experience and I’ve been happy to experience this amazing adventure at the Institute of Foreign Languages and of course meet all of you.

My visit to Karelia will be present in my mind. I have discovered landscapes and atmosphere previously unknown to me thanks to the 4th year students who had shown me the city and helped me throughout the year. Many thanks for everything. This experience has been a breath a fresh air and helped me discover Russia, its traditions, culture, people, and even elves! Indeed, Karelia is a region rich in history! Living by a lake like this has been a chance I had been reluctant to let go. Winter months, snow, frozen lakes, long nights, snowdrifts made by passing cars. It all seems normal to you, yet I probably have never seen so much snow, although I am aware that this year it has been sparse. I will look back the night when we have admired the northern lights in the starry sky. What a sight to remember. I return to France with a sad heart that this year has ended this way, yet I carry with me many memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Petrozavodsk has become a second home to me.

I regret not being able to visit some tourist sites in Karelia, such as Kivach and Valaam. I have had no chance to visit Moscow and its amazing boulevards. So to complete this year and see you all again I plan to return to Russia someday. Of course, if some of you pass through France, Nancy more specifically, do not hesitate to call on me. Further, I promise to continue my studies of the Russian language.

I hope that everything goes well in Petrozavodsk and the academic year will successfully end.

See you soon.”


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