Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Develops International Cooperation

29 April 2020
The Institute is working in several directions at once.

The Institute is working in several directions at once.

In May PetrSU will have opened the international student school in wellness tourism, though unfortunately due to the coronavirus outbreak the plans had been canceled.

The school will take place on September 28 – October 2 2020. PetrSU will welcome teachers and students of the University of Eastern Finland who will collaborate with teachers and students of the Department of Tourism of PetrSU to develop new tourism products in wellness tourism for various target groups. The project has been approved by the FIRST academic mobility program.

Moreover, the Institute is currently working on the project KA8022 Karelian Wellness. Under the project, PetrSU scientists research the development of wellness tourism in the bordering regions of the Republic of Karelia and Finland. The project will result in the development and implementation of a program of continuing professional education designed for entrepreneurs of the region. The project will continue until the end of 2021.

The Institute is also keen on fostering the academic mobility of students. Currently, teachers of the Department of Tourism of PEtrSU and teachers of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences are comparing curricula of respective Tourism programs to jumpstart student exchange.

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