PetrSU Team Will Take Part in Shooting of Three Films in Karelia

30 April 2020
In 2020 directors from Karelia and Finland will shoot and present three feature films in the framework of the Lokki project within the Karelian CBC program.

In 2020 directors from Karelia and Finland will shoot and present three feature films in the framework of the Lokki project within the Karelian CBC program.

The team plans not only to show them to the audience but also to pitch them to Nexflix.

In December 2018 PetrSU in cooperation with the Filmmakers Union of the Republic of Karelia, the Ministry of Culture and Finnish partners won a grant for the implementation of the LOKKI project aimed at the development of filmmaking industry in the Republic of Karelia. Under the aegis of the project, the partners hold numerous events related to this area. And of course, an essential part of the project is film production.

“Karelia is made for film shooting. We have locations, professional actors, filming equipment, and everything needed for full-scale film production. We would like to present these opportunities to other regions and abroad”, say the project managers.

The beginning of March saw the start of the production of the romantic film How Are You! The author of the concept and the director is Aleksey Babenko, the chairman of the Filmmakers Union of the Republic of Karelia. The actors and production team will go to the Pai village that will be the main location of the film. The film will feature two characters contrasting each other, humor, and the beauty of the Karelian countryside.

Karelian renowned directors Vladimir Rudak and Ivan Kulnev are getting ready to shoot Karelian comedy Bast Shoes. The fantasy film will tell a story about a young couple who want to learn about the tradition and folklore of our land. The heroes do not believe in fairy tale stories and myths they are told about, and the authors introduce them to an unusual village and even a giant hare. The shooting will start in the summer. So far it will be a short film, which potentially will develop into a full-length film.  

The third film will be shot in Finland, as well as in the bordering regions in Karelia. The East Finland Film Commission and Business Joensuu Company, partners of the LOKKI project, will be responsible for the production. Short-length film Cold is a pilot that will potentially interest Netflix representatives and can be developed into a TV-series. The authors have decided on a peculiar genre, namely Northern western. The story tells about a meeting of a young girl living happily in poverty and a rich, yet completely miserable, young man.

The film crews and casts will involve Karelian and Finnish professionals. The audience will have a chance to see the films in the Premier cinema and other cinemas in the Republic.

Moreover, this summer the project team will embark on film expeditions to Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega regions. PetrSU specialists will film unique locations of Karelia, which will be further included in the unique Film Locations Map. The map will facilitate the introduction of film producers from all over Russia and the world to the Karelian region.


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