Italian Student Completes Her Term at the Institute of Foreign Languages

11 June 2020
Elisabetta Romano has been studying the English language within the 3rd year program and has passed the exam.

Elisabetta Romano has been studying the English language within the 3rd year program and has passed the exam.

Elisabetta has spent a semester at the Institute of Foreign Languages (program Teacher Education, specialization the English and French Languages) and taken practical classes in the English language. At the beginning of June, she took an exam in spoken and written speech and aced it with an “excellent” grade.

Elena Borzova, Professor of the Department of the English Language:

“Elisabetta has become “one of us” in no time. Small wonder, as she is amiable, openhearted, responsible. From day one she has joined our discussions, group projects, quizzes, always provided detailed and compelling opinions in class, even after we have switched to online studies.

Elisabetta has trained under the most challenging conditions. She has studied far away from her homeland and kin and in the three-month quarantine on top of that. All the same, the student has coped with the situation. At the English language exam, her answer was excellent indeed. She has chosen a relevant article, reasonably restructured the content, provided different views on the problem, and argued her opinion well. All this was accompanied with a quality presentation. She engaged in a spontaneous discussion with the teacher with fluency and good comprehension. I want to congratulate Elisabetta on the end of her term and wish her success”.

Elisabetta Romano shares feedback on her studies at PetrSU:

“In two weeks I will come back home to Italy after the five months studying on exchange at PetrSU. 

Last year I won a scholarship at the University of Naples "L'Orientale", my home university, to study for a semester at PetrSU within the academic exchange program. I was on cloud nine and as studying the Russian language at a Russian university was not challenging enough for me, I've decided to take courses in the English language and take an exam. I have studied at the Institute of Philology and Institute of Foreign Languages at the same time, switching from one language to another and tried to keep up with my assignments. At first, I've had some difficulty selecting courses and setting a schedule, but the teachers have come to my aid. The classes have opened up a whole new world to me, as teachers discussed a topic with us, at times even sitting at the same table.

They create a welcoming environment. I've also been inspired by the compassion and support of my fellow students.

I have worked hard taking many courses, attending seminars, working on group projects, and assignments. To sum up, it has been an invaluable experience and I am thankful to everyone».



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