Proceedings of the Conference "Karelia Through the Eyes of Scientists"

30 September 2020
The Electronic Library of the Republic of Karelia has presented the proceedings of the conference "Karelia Through the Eyes of Scientists: the main results of expeditionary activities 2019".

The proceedings contain articles prepared by the participants of the conference which was held by the Flagship University of Karelia in December last year.

More than 120 people took part in the conference; among them are scientists from PetrSU and the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, students, representatives of educational, non-governmental organizations as well as cultural institutions of the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, and neighboring countries.

The proceedings reflect a comprehensive scientific profile of three Karelian regions – «Obonezhye» (Lands on the shores of Lake Onega), «Borderlands» and «Pomorie and the Arctic» from the point of view of the Humanities and Natural Sciences. Thus it presents interest to a wide range of specialists and readers.

The second conference "Karelia Through the Eyes of Scientists" will be held in December this year. More information is available here [in Russian].

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