PetrSU Public Representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

14 January 2021
PetrSU Public Representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

The names of new public representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) in the Republic of Karelia have come to the light. Those are 7 representatives for different directions of development of the Republic of Karelia. Two employees of PetrSU are among them - Roman Zagidullin, ASI representative for "Youth entrepreneurship", and Alexander Konovalov, ASI representative for "Youth entrepreneurship" and "Tourism". 

Experience within the relevant field of work played an important role in the selection of candidates. Our colleagues regularly conduct training sessions on project activities, management, production management and export activities; support young entrepreneurs in various projects. They currently take part in two large international projects aimed at involving young people in entrepreneurship - "BUSY - business for youngsters" and "CULTA" (within the framework of the Karelia CBC Program). 

Public representatives have already become actively involved in promotion of the ASI initiatives in the region: at the end of 2020, they held a number of meetings unleashing the entrepreneurial capacity of students and pupils. Thus, an international school of creative projects was launched and a financial literacy game for pupils was organized. At the end of December there was a presentation of the "Start-up Club" projects; Roman Zagidullin became one of the jury members of the regional competition for youth business ideas"Undertake" [Predprinimay]. 

Intensive work is under way in tourism. Alexander Konovalov conducts research in tourism, including increasing the tourism attractiveness of the Republic, heworks with the Agency for Tourism of the Republic of Karelia and the Information and Tourism Center of the Republic of Karelia, participates in a number of tourism projects as an expert, including the current project "PROZVET - Promoting Sustainable Development in Zabaikal and Karelia through CSOs and Women's involvement in Territorial Alliances". 

AlexanderKonovalov is a member of the environmental project team for clearing rocks from vandal drawings along the "Kola" highway. For instance, video surveillance and information boards are installed in the territory of the cleared rocks, appealing to maintain the nature’s beauty. 

The group "Boiling Point - Petrozavodsk" provides more detailed information on activities promoting the strategic initiatives in the field of youth entrepreneurship and tourism in the Republic of Karelia. 

The full list of public representatives in the regions and learn about their role in the agency's ecosystem is available from the ASI website

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