Students of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies Told About the Exchange Program

04 February 2021
Ekaterina Zhdanovich and Ilya Efremov completed their training at the University of Helsinkias exchange students.

Ekaterina Zhdanovich and Ilya Efremov completed their training at the University of Helsinkias exchange students. 

"In the fall term, we studied at the University of Helsinki as exchange students.We have already heard many stories from the guys who participated in this program. But because of coronavirus restrictions, everything turned out a little different. 

Campuses were closed and courses were taught online. Nevertheless, the training was very well organized.The teacher constantly interacted with students at lectures and practical classes. For example, a teacher conducted surveys to get feedback. Students were assigned to small groups of 3-4 people 1-2 times per lecture, where we discussed issues or solved tasks based on the material covered.

The university also organized many interesting remoteactivities, which are usually held on-site. 

We lived in a student dormitory, each person had his own sufficiently spacious room in the apartment with a common area - a kitchen, a living room and a large terrace. Each house had a laundry and a free sauna. 

Despite distance learning, we had good English practice because we talked a lot with students from other countries. 

Helsinki is a wonderful city. Here nature and a well-organized urban environment are merged together. Finns take thecoronavirus situation very seriously, they wear masks both in stores and outside. 

Finland is a very expensive country, one of the most expensive countries in Europe. But there are many discounts for students here - you can go to museum, shops, cafes, dine at a student cafe for 3 euros. 

Due to the coronavirus, many restrictions have been introduced. Unfortunately, we could not fly to other countries and attend the meetings that were held at the beginning of the training as we were in quarantine. 

But, despite the restrictions, it was a great experience - living in another country, studying at a foreign university. Of course, there were some difficulties, but we coped with them. 

If you doubt whether it is worth participating in the exchange program or not, it is definitely worth doing, it will be a good experience anyway".

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