Anas Katou, Jordan

01 March 2021
The Institute of Medicine

When I arrived to Petrozavodsk I was lost and didn't know what to do with my life but then when I started studying medicine, I found it really interesting. It isn't like a piece of cake, most doctors will not go easy with you because they will know that one day you will be dealing with life and death situation and if you don't know how to treat people right, the patient might die. Professors are trying as hard as they can to show us and explain to us how hard this profession is.

I would also like to add that studying here hasn't only taught me medicine but also clarifies a lot about myself, a lot of things I didn't know before. There are a lot of courses on increasing your medical information depending on which subjects you love and how far you are ready to go with it.

We have hospital-based experience every year starting from the 3rd, and every single day we see and work with patients in order to be highly qualified doctors in the future.

 Department of Academic Mobility

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