Lecture by a World Expert Kumon Tokumaru

29 March 2021
Online conference was held with participation of Kumon Tokumaru, Japanese researcher, world expert in digital linguistics.

Online conference was held with participation of  Kumon Tokumaru, Japanese researcher, world expert in digital linguistics. 

The meeting was organized in English jointly by the Student Scientific Society of PetrSU (Sabina Nedbailik, Associate Professor of the Department of German and French Languages, Candidate of Phililogy, Anton Malyshko, Chairman of the Student Scientific Society) and the discussion club "Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow" (Lilia Yusupova, Senior Lecturer, and Tatiana Tatarina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences of the Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities). 

The topic of the lecture is "Digital Evolution of Intelligence: Grammar, Concept and Error Correction". 

Teachers of the Department of Tourism Victoriia Plotnikova and Tatiana Dmitrieva as well as 3rd year students joined the meeting. 

During the lecture, the researcher said that the digital evolution of human intelligence occurred with the acquisition of syllables, the invention of a set of symbols (long syllables) and the invention of electronic bits (interactive syllables). Individuals need to benefit from the evolution of digital signals. 

The listeners also learned about the Piraha language without grammar, what the FEC Method was, about the grammatical processing of the native language and many other interesting things about digital evolution and not only. 

"‎The interesting thing was that Kumon Tokumaru accounted the Soviet psychologist Vygotsky and scientist Pavlov as "friends outside his nationality". The speaker has been to Russia a few times", 

- noted the students. 

"‎I am very grateful to the Student Scientific Society for the opportunity to listen to this informative lecture and communicate with such a versatile person as Kumon Tokumaru", 

- said Anastasia Dyakova, a 3rd year student majoring in Hotel Industry. 

For reference: 

·         Kumon Tokumaru was born in 1959 and graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tokyo. He works in the aerospace industry.

·         He visited the oldest extant human site in South Africa and realized that human language was a digital evolution.

·         He conducts research in digital linguistics to determine the mechanism of thinking and the three states of linguistic intelligence evolution.

More details about the works by Kumon Tokumaru are available herе


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