Meeting with a Researcher from the University of Valencia (Spain)

28 May 2021
Students and teachers of PetrSU met with Inés Lozano-Palacio, PhD in English Philology, the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

Students and teachers of PetrSU met with Inés Lozano-Palacio, PhD in English Philology, the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

The online lecture focused on irony as a figure of speech, in particular, on the coding of irony both within one ethnic culture and interculturally.

The researcher shares a view that irony and opportunities of its implementation as a stylistic phenomenon are closely intertwined with social cultural, ethnocultural context.  In her report, Inés Lozano-Palacio represented and described in depth social cultural factors, which impede irony interpretation, defined their role in studying this phenomenon from the perspective of Cognitive Modelling.

Feedback from participants of the meeting:

Oksana Shestak, a teacher of municipal educational institution secondary school No.36 with advanced study of foreign languages:

"It is great pleasure and of interest to me to take part in the online meeting with Spanish researcher, PhD in English Philology in the Polytechnic University of Valencia.  The topic is very close to me as I often touch it in my practical activities: analysis of literature-fiction texts, media resources. Thus, the relevant information I have obtained, new facts, recent data are worth-while. It enriches, broadens philological scope of vision, motivates for further activities".

Maria Staton, a lecturer at the University of Maryland:

"I appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting, alternative concept of irony, get an insight into this phenomenon from a different angle, broaden my understanding, get positive emotions and new knowledge base".

A scientific meeting was organized jointly by the discussion club "Debaters Today, Leaders Tomorrow" (Lilia Yusupova and Tatiana Tatarina, Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities) and the Student Scientific Society of PetrSU (Sabina Nedbailik, Associate Professor of the Department of German and French Languages, Candidate of Philology, and Anton Malyshko, Chairman of the Student Scientific Society).

Link  to a video-recording of the meeting.

Regular online meetings with foreign world-class lecturers are held every Tuesday during a month. Check the news in social network of Student Scientific Society and  English Debate Club of PetrSU  , practice your English and broaden scientific scope of vision.

Information about the speaker:

Inés Lozano-Palacio is a famous linguist researcher abroad. Her research interests include Cognitive Linguistics, pragmatics and literary theory. Her research work is mainly focused on figures of language and speech. Articles, essays, monographs by Inés Lozano-Palacio has been published internationally in high-impact journals and book series such as Metaphor and Symbol (Taylor and Francis), Cognitive Semantics (Brill) or the Figurative Thought and Language Series (John Benjamins). Dr. Lozano-Palacio has delivered over 20 conference talks in the international conferences in the USA, China, Hungary, Russia. She has been an invited researcher in the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Helsinki (Finland), LATTICE Laboratory in Paris (France) and the University of Genoa (Italy). She is part of various national and internationally funded research groups.

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