First IT Camp Smart Karelia in Urozero

27 August 2021
On August 21-24, thirty students from the northwest took part in the new IT project.

On August 21-24, thirty students from the northwest took part in the new IT project.

The program of the IT camp included lectures, workshops, and real cases from enterprises of Karelia. The participants could join any of the educational blocks: Big Data, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

The lecturers were the representatives of the largest companies in Russia: Konstantiv Mikhailov (Founder, SAYMON), Ekaterina Krivtsova (Head of Virtualization Development Department IBM), Anna Boldyreva (lead analyst at PARMA Technologies Group, postgraduate of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Aleksandr Surkov (Senior Cloud Solution Architect at VISEO, France), Roman Kutsev (CEO & Founder of The development and organization of the educational and practical classes were carried out by the employees of the Artificial Intelligence Center of PetrSU Nikita Bazhenov, Sergey Marchenko, Nikolai Smirnov, and Egor Rybin, as well as Kirill Gostev, the Head of the Sector of Coordination of Innovation and Technology Centers and Small Innovative Enterprises of PetrSU.

Among the participants of the IT camp were not only PetrSU students, but also guests from Murmansk Arctic State University, Cherepovets State University, and Novgorod State University.

“We hope in the next year that Karelian IT camp will expand its geography,” hope the organizers.

The project is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.


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