PetrSU Students Participate at Dialog International Youth Camp

20 September 2021
For the 12th time the park-museum "ETNOMIR" (Ethnoworld) welcomed the participants of the international youth camp "Dialog".

For the 12th time the park-museum "ETNOMIR" (Ethnoworld) welcomed the participants of the international youth camp "Dialog".

More than 100 young people from over 20 countries took part in the camp. The working languages were Russian and English.

Diana Krylova, a 5-year student of the Institute of Foreign Languages represented Russia and the Republic of Karelia in particular.

In addition to project activities and educational events of non-formal education, the 2021 camp was also directly related to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UN Sustainable Development Goals 10, 16). Cultural program included acquaintance with the cultures of other countries’ representatives through songs, dances, games and workshops. During the last night of the camp, there was a gala concert where the participants had a chance to perform national dances and songs, poems, tasting of national dishes and more.

I really enjoyed taking part in the camp. It was a very high-quality educational program, the lectures were relevant, and listening to the speakers was exciting and informative. In addition, the approach of non-formal education and the different types of activities didn’t let us get bored. When the camp was over, I immediately began to use the acquired knowledge in practice and in my studies at the university.

Participation in the camp provided me with excellent opportunities: language practice, the experience of building relationships with foreigners, the exchange of ideas. We worked together on the development of various projects, and it was interesting to observe what ideas and approaches the foreign guests suggest, what their view on the problem is and how it differs from mine.

I believe that participation in such events is very useful for a person who wants to keep up with the times, because communication with different people, citizens of other countries not only enriches the perception of the world and broadens the horizons, but also contributes to a better understanding of modern reality, fostering tolerance.

One of the most memorable moments for me was the last night of the camp with the gala concert, where the participants performed in national costumes, served traditional sweets and introduced us to traditional dances and songs of their countries.

– shared Diana Krylova

International youth camp "Dialog" ("Dialogue") is held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Youth Department of the Council of Europe, National Council for Youth and Children's Associations of Russia jointly with MIREA - Russian Technological University. This event is a part of the 2021 Action Plan of the Framework Program of Cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Council of Europe in the field of youth policy for 2020-2023.


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