Young Journalists Meet PetrSU International Students

27 August 2019
Russian students of PetrSU Resource Center have decided to unite with PetrSU international students and the SLOVO Agency while creating their graduation projects on the Television Journalism program.

PetrSU has great experience in working not only with it's students, but also with the other Petrozavodsk citizens of different ages, interests and professions. One of the places where senior schoolchildren can get acquainted with PetrSU facilities and career opportunities is PetrSU Resource Center. It provides courses and programs for the future applicants to help them choose a right field of study and take an efficient decision about further education.

This year an exciting creative course of television journalism has taken place at the university. As a final project, the young news-makers decided to unite with the SLOVO agency and make a report about one of the most popular and successful events for foreign students, which is called "Speed-dating" or "Speed-friending". This informal activity takes place regularly at the Youth Innovation Park of PetrSU and unites Russian and foreign students by breaking language barrier and provding bright cultural exchange.

PetrSU congratulates the graduates of the course and hopes to see them one day among students of the Journalism Bachelor's program at the Institute of Philology.

*English subtitles are available

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