Opening of the Ethnocultural Camp “Meeting of Young in Karelia”

14 November 2019
For the fifth time, PetrSU hosts specialized ethnocultural camp “Meeting of Young in Karelia”.

The Vice-Rector for International Affairs Marina Gvozdeva congratulated the participants on the opening of the camp:

“Today we welcome a group of talented, intelligent young scholars of national languages of the Republic of Karelia. I believe that you have made the right choice and came to Petrozavodsk State University, a unique university, as only here you can study all national languages, Karelian, Finnish and Veps, including their dialects. I hope that the camp will further gain in its history and experience, while the young participants will graduate and enroll at PetrSU, at our programs where their will study various languages. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Department of Baltic and Finnish Philology as our students. I wish you eventful work, wonderful discoveries, and memorable meetings. I am sure that the “Meeting of the Young in Karelia” will be a unique experience for you. Godspeed!”

The participants were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of National and Regional Policy of the Republic of Karelia Aleksandra Ershova:

“Dear participants I congratulate you on the opening of the camp. It is amazing that you are guided by the best teachers of the Karelia, Veps and Finnish languages. I am sure that you learn something new, get experience, make friends. I believe that you will want to come again next year.”

Natalia Shamrai, the head of the Department of Folk Art of the Center for Folk Art and Cultural Initiatives of Karelia, showed the schoolchildren what musical instruments ancient Karelians played. The participants of the camp were introduced to music of Karelian village and after the master class they tried playing Karelian musical instruments royal music in modern arrangement and experienced being royal musicians of the 21st century.

The organizers of the camp are PetrSU, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia, the Ministry of National and Regional Policy of the Republic of Karelia, and the Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Regional Studies “Rovesnik”.

The participants of the camp are senior schoolchildren from Leningrad Oblast and the Republic of Karelia who study the Karelian, Veps and Finnish languages.

The program of the camp features classes on the Karelian, Veps and Finnish languages, meetings, visits to museums, workshops, and a tour to Kindasovo village.



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