PetrSU International Students Celebrate Alexander Pushkin

10 June 2020
Every year on the 6th of June Russia celebrates the birth of Alexander Pushkin and Russian Language Day.

Every year on the 6th of June Russia celebrates the birth of Alexander Pushkin and Russian Language Day.

To celebrate this occasion, the Chinese students of Anhui Normal University who study at PetrSU have written short essays under the guidance of their teacher the Associate Professor Inna Mineeva. In the essays, they shared what Alexander Pushkin means to them, what is his mystery, why his poetry is eternal and boundless. The Chinese students confessed that Pushkin’s poems enraptured them with their honesty, genuineness, purity, and versatility. The students celebrated the event by reciting their favorite poems by Pushkin in the Russian language.

Hong Dou:

“Alexander Pushkin is called the “sun of Russian poetry”. The philosophy and authenticity of his works have made an immense impact on the world. I like Pushkin as in his poems I feel the love of freedom, life, and the belief that light will triumph over darkness. At the same time, the love in his works is so natural, beautiful, and pure. I wish Russian literature had a profound influence on the world!”

Liu Mei:

“I like Alexander Pushkin and his outstanding works. When I studied at school in China I read his poems. For instance, If by Life You Were Deceived, I Loved You, and others. I’ve also read Eugene Onegin. Now I can read his works in the Russian language and appreciate the poetic beauty and better understand the poet’s inner life. Pushkin’s poems always awaken my spiritual feelings. Every time I read I said to her: “You’re precious flower!” but “How I love thee!” was my thought, I smile and realize that the poet wrote of his great and secret love. “

Hu Hongyu:

“I like Pushkin’s poems as most poets of that age he resorted to poetry to celebrate freedom and call for kindness. His greatness is in the unwavering acuteness of love and friendship. Once you read his poems you will see that love is the source of happiness and pain in his life. His poems teach you that love is not possession and need, but selflessness, even if the feelings are unrequited, they will never hold it against each other but rather pray for each other.”

Tong Xinyu:

“Happy birthday to Pushkin! Pushkin was an outstanding poet and ushered in the Golden Age of Russian literature. He has penned many seminal works well-known in Russia and abroad, including China, that is why I like Pushkin very much.”

Lu Sijia:

“I appreciate Alexander Pushkin because he is the founder of contemporary Russian literature and the modern Russian language. Pushkin is called the “father of Russian literature”, the “sun of Russian poetry”, “bronze knight”. In his poems, he expressed love of freedom, life. In his poetry, light triumphs over darkness, mind overcomes the prejudices of blind faith. His works shine the light on “people’s hearts”. He taught me to persevere, never give up, show courage and persistency, never yield in the face of any circumstances.”

Yang Shuo:

“I love Pushkin’s poetry for intensity and diversity. It teaches the fine appreciation of the world, how to see something new in ordinary things, fosters an appreciation of literature. I am happy I can read the texts in original.”  

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