Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies Welcomes Applicants

11 August 2020
Agriculture is one of the essential economic sectors of any country. Highly skilled specialists with industry-specific education will ever be in demand.

Agriculture is one of the essential economic sectors of any country. Highly skilled specialists with industry-specific education will ever be in demand.

What professions does the Institute teach?

The Institute teaches specialists in biology, ecology, agronomy (agronomist, plant breeder), land management, zootechnics (dog handler, horse breeder, animal breeder), biotechnologies, aquaculture (trout farmer).


Where do graduates work?

Graduates work at agricultural enterprises, environmental laboratories, nature reserves, national parks, expert environmental services and land registry, environmental laboratories at enterprises, customs, canine units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Bureau, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, technical colleges, universities), animal feed production companies, breeding stations, kennel clubs, pet shops, veterinary clinics, etc.

Bachelor Degree programs offered in 2020 are:

Agricultural Engineering. Specialization Technical Service in Agricultural Complex

Agronomy. Specialization Agronomy


Water Resources and Aquaculture. Specialization Fish Farming

Land Utilization and Land Registry


Teacher Education (with two specializations). Teacher of Biology and Chemistry

Ecology and Management of Natural Resources


Five reasons to apply to the Institute

Opportunity to study at the Military Training Center of PetrSU and obtain a rank of a reserve officer or reserve sergeant

Opportunity to participate in exchange programs at universities of Russia, Belorussia, Norway, Finland

Opportunity to solve environmental problems in the country and the world, facilitate the preservation of animals and plants

Opportunity to study on a unique (exclusive for Russia) program training specialists in trout farming

Opportunity to find employment at a wide range of organizations and enterprises

Graduates share their thoughts on studying at the Institute:

Elizaveta Edykhanova, an aquaculture technician at Skretting international company:

“I’ve studied on the Fish Farming program. I have decided to pursue a career in this field since Karelia is the land of rivers and lakes. Aquaculture in Karelia and Russia, on the whole, is currently on the rise. University studies were engaging and diverse. I have visited various agricultural enterprises; gained my first experience of working at a trout farm. University not only gives knowledge that can be used in practice but also broadens your horizon,” said Elizaveta.

Natalia Chechkova, graduate:

“I applied to the Biology program. First of all, I love nature and care about its protection and preservation. Environmental care is a pressing issue in the modern world, and this profession teaches to love the environment and care for it.”


 Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies

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