The Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum

06 October 2020
From September 1 to October 1, students and teachers of the Department of Baltic and Finnish Philology traditionally take part in the Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum as interpreters.

The interpreters of the partnership negotiations were the 3rd and 4th year students majoring in "Finnish and English Languages ​​and Literature", "Finnish and Karelian Languages ​​and Literature", "Finnish and Vepsian Languages ​​and Literature", as well as teachers Svetlana Korobeynikova, Tatiana Morozova and Anastasiya Afanasyeva. The negotiations were held online in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Students gain both professional experience of interpreting and online work experience. On the last day of the Forum, the students and teachers had an opportunity to attend a gala dedicated to the closing ceremony of the Forum and the symphonic music online concert.

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