The Educational Center "Urozero" Hosted the "Green School" within the NatureBeST Project

06 April 2021
The "Green School" for students of PetrSU and entrepreneurs in the area of tourism was held on regular basis in the educational and health center "Urozero".

The "Green School" for students of PetrSU and entrepreneurs in the area of tourism was held on regular basis in the educational and health center "Urozero".

The school was dedicated to the application of green technologies for tourist accommodation in Finland and the Republic of Karelia and was held within the framework of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme KA5041 "Green Nature Based Solutions in Tourism to Reduce Negative Impact on the Environment" (NatureBeST).

Over forty participants participated in the School, including students and teachers of the Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism and the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences as well as representatives of travel companies.

Sergey Koshelev, the Head of the NatureBeST project, welcomed the participants and told about the project and the experience of using green technologies in Urozero as a pilot facility, after which the participants got acquainted with implemented green technical solutions on the territory of the educational and health center, such as centralized electric heating systems in two cottages of the center, automated temperature control systems in several buildings, redesigned cold water supply and sewerage systems, the roof of one of the cottages with modern thermal insulation materials.

Following a break, the audience gathered again in the recently renovated conference hall of the center (also through one of the projects of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme) to participate in the second part of the School - a Karelian-Finnish webinar on the practical use of green technologies for tourist accommodation. By means of modern Internet technologies, the participants could see the presentations of Karelian and Finnish experts accompanied by simultaneous translation. The webinar was moderated by Timo Hokkanen, a well-known Finnish expert on nature conservation.

The Finnish part was represented by employees of the VisitKarelia tourist center, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and an expert from the Innotek company. The topics concerned the Finnish experience of using mini-hydro turbines, solar panels, water saving equipment, etc. for tourist accommodation facilities.

Aleksandr Berdino, an expert from the project partner ANO "Energy Efficiency Center", was among the Russian representatives speaking at the webinar. He told about the experience of installation of solar power plants, heat pumps and solar collectors at various facilities in the Republic of Karelia.

In the final part of the webinar, participants could ask the experts their questions and share their impressions.

The school concluded with the presentation of the publication " Off-the-shelf Solutions for Enterprises in Tourism" prepared by the Finnish partners of the project within the framework of the NatureBeST project and translated into Russian so that Karelian holders and managers of tourist accommodation facilities could benefit from nature-saving and economically viable solutions for their business which have been already tested in practice.

"With regard to the great interest in the topic, green schools will be held further for the benefit of the economy of the republic and the preservation of the Karelian nature",

- noted the participants of the School.

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