“You Study for Yourselves”

28 July 2020
Arina Eintrop, teacher of the Preparatory Faculty of PetrSU, graduate of the Institute of Philology, talked about admission, university years, student life, and work at PetrSU.

Arina Eintrop, teacher of the Preparatory Faculty of PetrSU, graduate of the Institute of Philology, talked about admission, university years, student life, and work at PetrSU.

“Now I work at PetrSU at the Preparatory Faculty and I teach the Russian language to foreigners who plan to apply to higher educational institutions in Russia.

As a matter of fact, PetrSU is the second university in my life. In the first year after graduating from school, I was a student at another university in a different city. And throughout the year I’ve spent there, I have not been enjoying it and I've not felt I've been really studying. The reality has not met my expectations. All the same, it was there that I was introduced to ancient languages, which I came to enjoy. This and other factors determined my admission to PetrSU, as in Russia only four universities have Departments of Classical Philology.

At times, my confidence in my choice wavered, yet Tatiana Malchiukova always found reasonable arguments. So I stayed. Now, looking back, I regret nothing.”

Arina shares her memories of studying on her Master Degree:

“Once it was time to choose a Master's Degree, I had no doubt that I want to continue my studies at the Institute of Philology of PetrSU. It is just that then I wanted to focus on how I could use the knowledge I learned in practice. Then the Department of the Russian Language offered the program Philological Support of Advertising and Public Relations. I immensely enjoyed the following two years of studies.

A university, like any other educational institution or course, gives us a lot. The point is how much we are ready to take. I think that PetrSU provides plenty of opportunities in various areas. Our Department was always abuzz. Out teachers encouraged active stand. We worked on the radio, took part in broadcast recordings, attended open lectures, pursued creative endeavors. And all this was tied to the classical languages, literature, and mythology. Several years ago the Department opened the New Greek Language School. It is amazing. It was a pleasure to see the spark in our teachers’ eyes, as it is evident that they love what they do and are willing to pass their knowledge.

Alongside local events, we always had the opportunity to “leave” the university. We have visited Moscow State University, the Faculty of Classical Philology, where we met with professors and students. We have been to Crimea where we visited Chersonesos; some students for their excellence in studies have been awarded a visit to Greece to the school of the New Greek language. Besides, we have often participated in forums and conferences, the ones that are the most memorable for me are the visits to Crimea and Minsk (Belarus). Our teachers always tried to show us how and where we could use our knowledge.

I will always remember the university life, first of all, people and our shared experience: event organization, visits, opinion exchange, debates.”

Arina Eintrop addresses applicants and shares her advice:

“If you are an applicant and it is time for you to choose your profession, place of study, city, remember that this choice does not necessarily define your life. Or perhaps, it will. Your hobby can become your profession, or it will not. There is nothing wrong with trying different occupations and realizing it is not for you. The time you spend to find your voice is not wasted time. The first thing we heard as first-year students at at the first lecture was, “You study for yourselves”. Although the message has been different then, there is no better motivation for an informed choice.”

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